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VPN Requests
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VPN Requests

The VPN online request page is now ready.  The page is located at

 The page contains the link to request a VPN through the WVDE, setup instructions for some common systems (will continue to build on this), and FAQ’s as well.

  The VPN request itself is driven by a table containing which counties wanted to participate and how.  The process will generate an email to the appropriate person(s). 

 ·         If the county chose to approve the requests, an email will be sent to the WVEIS User(s) with the County Contact role.  Upon approval, forward the email to Donna Jones (  At the top of the email, please state that the request is approved and to proceed.

·         If the county chose to automatically approve all request, the email will be sent onto Greg and Donna to be processed.

·         Upon creation of the VPN, the new user will receive an email with their credentials and a link to the support instructions.

 NOTE:  Please understand with numerous variables involved (all of the operating systems, 3rd party software for security, software programs that control installations and imaging, etc.), that we cannot provide detail support for every instance that a VPN is not working properly on a users machine.  This can often happen in environments we have no control over.

 We ask that the county technology personnel work with these users on specific issues.  We will be glad to ensure the account itself it working and active, and will help with troubleshooting, but the user should begin with at the county level, and the county should contact us so that we can work through the problem together and both be prepared for future occurrences.




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