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Westest2 Analysis (Growth Model)
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Westest2 Analysis (Growth Model)
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West Virginia is committed to developing a means to understand how individual students perform and grow academically over time. To this end, the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) contracted with Dr. Damian Betebenner of the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment (NCIEA)to develop the West Virginia Growth Model.

The West Virginia Growth Model supplements the current status model approach and allows for a much broader understanding of educational achievement by answering two key questions:

  1. How much academic growth has occurred for students over time?
  2. Is that amount of growth enough for students to achieve mastery of the standards within a reasonable period of time?

As we continue toward our goal of personalized learning for all students, we are refocusing the discussion to be more student-centered. One of the ways to accomplish this is by providing an innovative way to look at student progress that emphasizes individual needs - The West Virginia Growth Model. This model provides greater detail about the achievement and growth of individual students than ever before.

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Juan D'Brot or Sonya White



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