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EPIC Business Documents

For the EPIC fiscal year audits, only the summary audit is available on the website.  To view a complete fiscal year audit, please stop by the EPIC business office during normal business hours.

Folder Annual Reports (9 Files)
pdf file 2014 - 2015 Annual Report
pdf file 2012 - 2013 Annual Report
pdf file 2013 - 2014 Annual Report
pdf file 2011 - 2012 Annual Report
pdf file 2010 - 2011 Annual Report
pdf file 2009 - 2010 Annual Report
pdf file 2008 - 2009 Annual Report
pdf file 2007 - 2008 Annual Report
pdf file 2006 - 2007 Annual Report
Folder Program Evaluations (7 Files)
pdf file 2013 - 2014 Program Evaluations
pdf file 2012 - 2013 Program Evaluations
pdf file 2011 - 2012 Program Evaluations
pdf file 2010 - 2011 Program Evaluations
pdf file 2009 - 2010 Program Evaluations
pdf file 2008 - 2009 Program Evaluations
pdf file 2007 - 2008 Program Evaluations
Folder Strategic Plans (7 Files)
pdf file Strategic Plan FY 2015
pdf file Strategic Plan FY 2016
pdf file Strategic Plan FY 2017
pdf file Strategic Plan FY 2014
pdf file Strategic Plan FY 2013
pdf file Strategic Plan FY 2012
pdf file Strategic Plan FY 2011
Folder EPIC Documents (1 Files)
pdf file RESA Office Parking Map
Folder EPIC Employee Handbook FY 19 (1 Files)
pdf file EPIC Employee Handbook FY 19 Updated 022019
Folder STAFF SPOTLIGHTS (28 Files)
jpg file 2019 Abbey
jpg file 2019 Christa
jpg file 2019 David G
jpg file 2019 Melissa
jpg file Jessica Miller 2019
jpg file Sherry Barnett
jpg file David Griffiths
jpg file David Plume
jpg file Lori Lawson
jpg file Terri Stewart
jpg file Shannon Johnson
jpg file John Holmes
jpg file Ana Forsythe
jpg file Heidi Bach Arvin
jpg file Sarah Barnhart
jpg file BC Bus Team
jpg file Tammy Albright
jpg file Ashley LaRue
jpg file Melissa Acquino
jpg file Christa Keppler
jpg file Dawn Heatwole
jpg file Mary Lou Largent
jpg file Katie Heidel
jpg file Ashley Hinkle
jpg file Linda Bell
jpg file Abigail Kerns
jpg file Yvonne Eckenrode
jpg file April Gantz

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