How can I set up OneDrive on my computer?


List of Office 365 Apps

Setting up OneDrive on your computer


  • Log into Office 365 on your computer
  • In the top left corner, click on the "waffle" to bring up the available Apps
  • Click on OneDrive (you may, or may not have files already stored in OneDrive


Sync Icon for OneDrive
  • Click on Sync at the top of the window to start syncing your files to your computer.
  • See below for more save options in OneDrive.
OneDrive Folder Management

Setup Autosave for OneDrive 


Right-click on Blue Cloud in lower right corner of window 

Go to Settings 

Click on Backup Tab

Manage Backup

Choose the folders you want to automatically backup

Start Protecting!

OneDrive files can be recovered after accidental deletion, and can also be restored after compromise, like a crypto virus attack.