What to do if my email has been hacked?

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Reset Password

If user knows their password:

  • Go to the Webtop Profile Tool at: https://sso.k12.wv.us/0/user/login
  • Login with current Office 365/Webtop email address and password.
  • Click on Portal in the upper left corner of the window, then User Profile
  • Go to Security, Click on Change Password in the top menu and complete the change password form.

If user does not know their password, contact the local technology contact. They can direct you to the appropriate person who can assist you with resetting your password. 



Check Account Settings

  • Check all the account settings to make sure nothing was changed (Specific options to pay closer attention to listed below). 

    1.       Click on the Gear

    2.       Choose Mail under “Your App Settings”

    3.      Then look at all of the account settings in the menu on the left. 


    Specific Account Settings to Review: 

    Forwarding – Make sure that forwarding was not setup on the account.   If it has, please choose the “Stop Forwarding” option and click on the Save button. 


    Inbox and Sweep Rules – Make sure that there are no rules that have been created.   Often if the user states they are not receiving any emails then there has been rule will automatically send all emails to the deleted folder.  


    Block or Allow – Make sure that there are no unintended entries in the “Blocked Senders” list.  

User cannot send emails to external addresses:

  • This occurs because the compromised account was used to send a large amount of spam externally.  
  • Office 365 will block all external emails sent for such an account after the threshold has been met. 
  • If this occurs, please ensure you have taken all the steps above to address the compromised account and then email office365@help.k12.wv.us and request that the block be removed.  Please specify that steps have been taken to address the compromised account.