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109 S. College St. | Martinsburg, WV 25401 | Ph: 304.267.3595
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Public Service Training


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Public Service Training, or “PST”, is the umbrella term for a group of programs related to maintaining the health, safety, and well-being of the general public including but not limited to- Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, and Law Enforcement.

How important is Public Service Training? Well, the next time you pass an automobile accident, house fire, or medical emergency, there is a good chance that the person responding to the incident has received some or all of his/her training from the West Virginia Public Service Training program. To bring it even closer to home, if the unfortunate victim of one of these emergencies is you or a loved one, you can only hope that the responder has received the best training possible!


For more information, class schedules, registration, and locations, please visit


Contact Information:
Name Position Phone Email
Jamie Weller WVPST Coordinator 304-596-2653
Sheila Viands WVPST Specialist 304-596-2652
Sarah Ricketts WVPST Assistant 304-267-3596





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