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Therapy Information Management Solution (TIMS)

A Premier School-Based Therapy Management System

 Spend Time Where it Matters
Spend Time Where it Matters

For Therapists, By Therapists

This system was uniquely designed and developed by a team of special educators and therapists working side by side.  It continues with its commitment to therapists utilizing their knowledge and expertise of therapy management to build out the user experience.  Routine therapist user groups contribute their feedback and suggestions, making this truly a system by therapists, for therapists.


System Benefits


                  Top 3 Reasons You Need this System

  • Therapist Paperwork Reduction

  • Automated Session Generation

  • Student Progress Monitoring

  • SOAP Notes Meet Requirements

  • Automated Signatures

  • Fast, Accurate Medicaid Billing


  • Therapists using the system reduced their paperwork by 98%. 

  • Therapists using the system spent, on average, nine days less doing paperwork.

  • Therapists using the system increased their Medicaid remimbursements by $3,000 per school year



 Need More Information?

This tool is offered by the Eastern Panhandle Instructional Cooperative (EPIC), located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.  EPIC serves the districts regionally and nationally.  

Please contact us for more information at:





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