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WVEIS Program Information
Program Information
Program Information

WVEIS - West Virginia Education Information System





The WVEIS project was created in 1991 by the state of West Virginia to ensure standardized data collection and reporting to the West Virginia Department of Education. 


Student applications on the WVEIS network include student scheduling, student attendance, student grading, and several custom programs.  Financial and employee applications include payroll processing, human resources, fixed asset inventory, warehousing, and purchasing.


The WVEIS program is supported by the State Department of Education.  There is a help desk that users may call or email to receive assistance by several staff members with extensive knowledge about the products that are supported.

EPIC will also continue to support users on a limited basis.  Installations of Client Access, printing support, formsprint and general troubleshooting are some of the basic assistance that can be provided locally.  You should always call your county contact before contacting EPIC or the WVEIS helpdesk. 

You may reach the EPIC IT Manager, Jill Woolcock at 304-596-2659 or


Web Based WVEIS

A web based WVEIS system was introduced in the fall of 2007.  This system can be utilized by WVEIS users with their existing WVEIS User Id and password.  At the present time only Student based programs are available.  Eventually all areas of the WVEIS system will be included within the Web Based WVEIS system.

The WVEIS office hours are from 7 AM until 4 PM, Monday - Friday.  You may reach the WVEIS Support Desk at 1-844-657-6427 or  In an emergency during the hours we are not in the office you may call 1-866-983-4798 for assistance.



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