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EPIC Head Start/Pre-K Transportation
 Head Start/Pre-K Transportation
Head Start/Pre-K Transportation
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Head Start/Pre-K Bus Safety

EPIC Head Start/Pre-K is fortunate to have school buses that meet both state and federal standards for transporting young children. All of our drivers are certified by the West Virginia Department of Transportation and must have a second adult on the bus at all times, in order to pick up children. We have a limited number of buses that cover each of the three counties. As a result, we are unable to provide transportation to every family. We focus our resources on providing transportation to those families in greatest need. 

Because of the limited number of buses and the limited amount of time a child this age should be on the bus, we are unable to provide door to door service in most cases. We may ask that you come to a designated stop in order to meet the bus. For child care providers, we do our best to stop in front of their building. We use child safety restraints to ensure safe transport to and from our classrooms. Buckling your child in takes additional time. We must look for stops off the road in order that we do not hold up traffic, creating a safety hazard and putting your child and other drivers in danger.



Transporting children is a tremendous responsibility that all our drivers take very seriously. The following guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of the children. These quidelines are strictly enforced.

  • The bus driver will provide you with a scheduled pick up and drop off time.  We ask that you be at the stop 10 minutes before that time and prepared to assist your child onto the bus.

  • Either the parent or a designated adult must walk your child to the bus door at pick-up and must meet your child at the bus door at drop off, assisting him/her with the steps.  Although our buses are not full size, they are large and the first step is quite high for these little ones.

  • Any individual you designate to get your child on or off the bus, in your absence must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Your child can be released only to an adult who you have listed on the emergency form.  If someone else meets the bus, that person must have a signed note from the parent to give to the driver, picture identification and the parent must have called the driver in advance to notify them of the change.  The driver will not open the bus door until the adult is present and able to assist.   

If a designated adult is not at the stop to meet the child, an attempt will be made to reach the parents/guardians or emergency contacts to have them meet the bus at another scheduled stop. If no one can be reached, the bus will return the child to our Berkeley Heights Center (if your child is in Berkeley County). The police will be contacted if our attempts to contact a responsible adult have failed.

  1. The second time a child is not met at the stop, a verbal warning will be given and a Family Services Staff will contact you for a visit.
  2. Thethird time a child is not met, a written warning will be sent. This warning will be notification that transportation privileges will be suspended for 1 month if the child is not met again.
  3. The fourth time, your child will be removed from the bus for a period of one month.

We understand that families may move throughout the school year. Please notify your teacher at least two weeks before the move and complete the attached Location Change Request. This change may result in your child being placed on a different bus. Please understand that this change cannot happen immediately.  If a new stop is created, the time for pick up and drop off will change and all families on that run will need to be notified.


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