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 WOW Updates
WOW Updates
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WOW User Email Update Program

With the implementation of the requiring e-mail addresses and employee numbers in WVEIS, we have added a new program to help with user maintenance of e-mail addresses.

 The program name is WOW.EML - WVEIS on the Web Email Update and is found under the USERS section of the programs.

When the user selects the program, they are provided with the current email address on file to verify. 

If they wish to update/change the email address, they will type it in the ‘New Email Address’ field and duplicate within the ‘New Email Address (confirm)’ to verify entry.  Then simply click on ‘Submit’.  Appropriate messages will be display for the change being successfully made, if the data entry doesn’t match, or if the data entry does not meet specific criteria.


State/RESA/County employees must use an approved email address which is or an acknowledged email domain that has been provided to us by counties using their own domain for official email.  No ‘yahoo’, ‘gmail’, or other third party email domains will be allowed for an employee.


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