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Data Collections
 Second Month Enrollment
Second Month Enrollment

NOTE:  Please remember that all dates provide on the WVDE calendar reflect the dates by which data are due to the WVDE.  Schools should work with their County Contact provided dates to assure that data are submitted to the county early enough to accommodate county specific needs.


Graduation Cohort


  The graduation cohort must officially be verified and submitted by the principal.  Principals’ official verification and submission triggers availability for certification by the Superintendent.


Please see the instructions for the Graduation Cohort Verification and Certification, which can be found under the Graduation Cohort Collection on the WVEIS Calendar Page (



The instructions can also be accessed directly at the following link:


October 1 Enrollment


Beginning with the October collections of enrollment data, a new web based menu (WVR600 Student Enrollment Collection) will be available.  Detailed documentation on how to use these web based versions of the submission programs will be made available on the WVEIS Data Collections Calendar located at


Additionally, new edit reports which allow end users to identify many of the issues that Malinda Shanklin has previously provided edits for will now be available in WOW. These new edits will also be located on the WVR600 menu and documentation will be provided as additional edits are added to the listing.  Please note that these edits validate live WVEIS data and, as such, can and should be utilized throughout the year to verify the quality of your data. 


Physical Education Collection


Beginning on October 1 through October 10, Principals must complete the Physical Education Collection through WOW. From October 11 through October 18, Superintendents will be required to certify this information through WOW.


For complete instructions on how to complete the Physical Education Collection, please click on the Instructions link under the Physical Education section on the WVEIS Calendar page (


 To access the directions directly, click on the following link:


Special Education Child Count


Please see the instructions for the Special Education Child Count collection by selecting the instructions link on the WVEIS Calendar Page.



Career & Technical First Semester Enrollment


This message pertains to the Career & Technical First Semester Enrollment that opens on October 1. For the specific instructions for completing this WVDE Data Collection Requiring Certification, please select the instructions under the Career & Technical First Semester Enrollment section of the WVEIS Calendar page (

 Or, to access the instructions directly, please click on the following link:


Dropout Verification


Each year schools are asked to review the dropout listing from the previous year to assure that any students that should be removed from this listing are accurately reflected. The instructions for submission of this dropout review process are located online at


Dropout Verification will be required by Attendance Directors who will to review and certify the numbers submitted for schools within their district during the certification window.  Again, collection and certification windows may be found at


It is the intent of the WVDE to replace the full dropout verification process with a web based model beginning in the 2014-2015 school year.


Certified List of Personnel


This information is being sent on to you to keep you informed during the Data Collections Requiring Certification window. You do not need to act on this information.


An email was originally sent to the CSBO and Personnel Director listservs regarding the Certified List of Personnel Collection. The email contained the attachments included with this email. If you have questions about the Certified List of Personnel Collection, please contact the Office of School Finance at (304) 558-6300.

Select the instructions under the Certified list of Personnel Collection the WVEIS Calendar page ( for the specific directions. 



Carla Howe

Data Governance Manager

Office of Legal Services


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