fiber switch

Systems Engineer

EPIC is fortunate to have a seasoned network engineer on staff that is available to serve all of the counties in West Virginia, as well as be contracted to work with vendors as needed.  Walt Corley has a vast knowledge of the networks in the state from working with Pomeroy on many projects in prior years, and county personnel are familiar with him, so it was a great fit for EPIC and West Virginia when we brought him on board.

The services that Walt provides are contracted through EPIC and the prices vary between member and non-member counties.  We have a tiered package price scale that provides opportunity for savings when hours are purchased up front; however, payment may also be made monthly, on an as-needed basis as long as an MOU or other contractual agreement is in place. 

All contracts run through a fiscal year, and prices are determined prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. 

Please visit the links below for more detail information.  Feel free to reach out to any of the above contacts with any questions regarding services, pricing and billing.