EPIC Transportation

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EPIC Transportation provides transport services in support of the Pre-school Special Education Program in Berkeley County.  Each school day, EPIC transports three and four-year-old special needs students to and from school.  We are committed to providing the safest and most efficient service to the children we serve.

If you need more information about the program that isn't provided here, please contact the EPIC Transportation Coordinator, Ana Forsythe, at 304-267-3061.

Our mission is...

to provide exemplary transportation services to meet the needs of pre-school special education students in Berkeley County, West Virginia.


The EPIC Transportation Staff is composed of fully screened, trained and certified drivers and aides.  All employees are subject to background screening and controlled substance testing, that meets or exceeds all federal, state and school district requirements.   The departmental staff receives engaging training which focuses on the safety, security and understanding of the children they carry.  All employees must maintain all licensing and certification requirements of all governing agencies


The EPIC Transportation fleet meets or exceeds all federal and state motor vehicle safety standards. The vehicles are maintained by trained and certified mechanics, and undergo multiple inspections throughout the year.

Restraint Devices

Seat Belt
EPIC follows all National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines for the transportation of pre-school age students.  All child safety restraint systems meet or exceed federal motor vehicle safety standards.