Common Questions About Joining the Policy Council

  • Why are you asking me to consider joining the Policy Council? What can I offer?

The Policy Council represents parents' voices and perspectives to guide decisions about the program. Policy Councils welcome parents and family members from all backgrounds and family structures. They may be mothers and fathers of all ages, grandparents, foster or adoptive parents, or other important adults in a child's life.

You are being asked because you are the most important teacher in your child's life. Staff value your ideas about how to best serve all the children in the program.

  • What do I need to know before I join?

What's most important is that you want to help your program provide a positive learning experience for your child and other children. Once you are elected, you will receive training about how your Policy Council works. Some things that the group may discuss in Policy Council meetings are decisions about program policy, budgets, center activities, and hiring staff.

  • When and where do the meetings take place?

                        Policy Councils meet monthly at the program. Meals are usually provided. Child care is offered. Some programs assist with transportation or                                                  arrange for members who live far away to attend remotely.

                        Programs also can provide interpretation services. Be sure to let your program know of anything you need to make it easier to attend meetings.

Common Questions About Serving on the Policy Council

  • What happens after the Policy Council training if I am still not sure what to do?

You can connect with program leadership for more support. Go to the program director, family services manager, or parent engagement coordinator to talk about your questions and concerns. Work with a staff member to discover together how you can feel successful and confident as a member of the Policy Council.

  • Can I make suggestions about proposed policies?

As a Policy Council member, you can make suggestions or ask questions about any matters that are brought to the Council. It is your right and responsibility as a Council member to help with decision-making. Ask program staff for more information if you need it. You can also ask the Policy Council to delay a vote while you learn more.