What is the Policy Council?

The Policy Council is a group of Head Start and Early Head Start parents and community members who help lead and make decisions about their program. Policy Council members are elected by the parents of children enrolled in the program. Parents often join the Policy Council after serving on a parent committee.

The Policy Council meets regularly as a group. Members can serve for one year at a time, and for up to five years. They work closely with the program's management team and governing body to provide overall direction for the program.

Parents and family members often have questions about their program's Policy Council, and about its role in Head Start and Early Head Start programs. You may have questions about how to join, serve on, or leave the Policy Council.  Visit the FAQ section to learn answers to common questions about the Policy Council.

We also encourage you to discuss your questions with your child's teacher, your family advocate, the program director, or other staff. They can partner with you to make your Policy Council experience the best it can be.