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How can I save my desktop files in OneDrive?

Not only can you automatically save the files on your desktop, but you can also automatically save your pictures and documents folders as well! Read on for more information!

Wed May 04 11:45 AM

Cell Phone
How can I install my email on my cell phone or tablet?

Now that you have a work email address, you can install it on your cell phone or tablet. Keep reading to find out how!

Wed May 04 11:45 AM

WV State Seal
How do I know who to ask for help?

The WVDE has several help desk email addresses set up, so you can reach out to the right group for help. Read on for more information!

Tue Apr 26 09:09 AM

Guy scratching his head
What to do if my email has been hacked?

Online hacking happens quite often, and we need to be vigilant and know what to do when it happens to us. Read on to see how to handle a compromised Office 365 Account!

Fri Apr 01 02:52 PM

Help Desk People
Quick Assist

Quick Assist is a built-in Microsoft application that allow for tech support to connect to your computer to help with problem. Read on for instructions!

Fri Apr 01 02:39 PM

Help Desk People
How do I reset my password for Office 365?

The password for Office 365 is reset through Webtop (not Microsoft). Read more for instructions.

Fri Apr 01 02:03 PM